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The story

The story begins in 1984 when two longtime friends, both lovers of manly rugby, decide to bind and enter the big melee of entrepreneurship. Thierry and Frederic Wahnich are just as determined as they were in rugby when they launched their first line of sportswear towards rugby clubs in the Parisian region. In parallel, Walomo offers a laundry service for Old School rugby shirts, which, by a cold winter game, become heavy armors of mud.



In 1989, Walomo gets specialized in promotional balls. The 1998 World Cup is fast approaching and time has come to anticipate. Fortunately, marking techniques are becoming more widespread. Walomo becomes a pioneer in the tampon printing with the artistic side of Thierry, who is more comfortable with a brush than a pen at that time. Just like the national team, Walomo is popular on all fronts : a booth in the brand-new Stade de France, 2 million balls sold and .....:

En 1989, Walomo se spécialise dans le ballon promotionnel. La Coupe du Monde 1998 arrive à grands pas et l'on veut anticiper. Fort heureusement, les techniques de marquage sont de plus en plus répandues. Walomo devient alors un des précurseurs dans la tampographie grâce à la fibre artistique de Thierry, qui est plus à l'aise avec un pinceau qu'un stylo à l'époque. A l'instar de l'équipe nationale, Walomo se retrouve sur tous les tableaux : un stand dans l'antre du tout nouveau Stade de France, 2 millions de ballons vendus et..... :


Alain Chabat, a famous French actor wearing Walomo gloves and jersey for a film.


In the early 2000s, the 2 founders multiply their business trip in Asia. The Chinese Eldorado starts to point the tip of his nose and none of them want to miss the boat. Thierry & Fred boarded on the Chinese aircrafts to discover a country that built their admiration. Walomo opens its first office in China. This office will allow them to create automation with a powerful country. They manufacture THE parka that will make Tv Shows, regattas, weekends at the sea and the mountain: the Nordik. For 15 years, the Nordik never left Walomo's catalog and success does not bend: we recently reached the milestone of 500,000 sold parkas!



 Nordik, 500 000 parkas sold


In 2007, Walomo leverages its expertise in marking textiles to develop a first range of POS displays. It is the revelation: a unique profession that allows Walomo to sit as an expert in 3 different areas: textile, balls and now POS.


In 2005, the softshell was emerging and we were among the first to offer this innovative material. In 2010, we support the technical innovation of our products with running clothes. 2 years later, Walomo dresses 27 000 participants from the race 10 kms in Paris. Today Walomo remembers his past who forged its loyalty of its structure to its clients by providing them with excellent service and quality products.



In 2016, the references made our reputation is still valid, but they are now supported by new products that bring the technical, modern and colorful looks, innovative cuts and fabrics of first choice. Our priority is always to offer our customers products that perfectly to the constraints of our business, while some originality. For over 30 years, we strive to innovate and our story is only beginning with 2016 years starting strong, very strong:

  • New website
  • New jackets and windbreakers new trendy
  • New range of inflatable PLV
  • New Balloons to encourage - we hope - the victory of the France team!


1984                                1989                                        1995                                             2002                                        2015



The team

If Walomo goes through these years with such high zest and dynamism, it is above all thanks to its team. A dedicated team, loyal, following the company since its inception. Witnessed by seniority of the team: on average, 11 years. LO-YAL-TY we say in Walomo!

In DNA Walomo, concern for the other customer, supplier, colleague is an invariable given. To help, advise and serve you every day, here is the Walomo team: