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CSR Charter & Commitments

Our CSR Charter


Our moral principles


Since its creation in 1984, the WALOMO universe has been based on the trust shared by our employees, customers and suppliers, respect for intermediaries, a commitment to quality and service; and the privilege given to long-term partnerships. It also means adhering to a corporate strategy that chooses to invest in human resources and industrial relocation with its digital printing workshop located in Oise.

It is in this state of mind that as a manufacturer and as an extension of our commitments in the environmental field, we have decided to implement a global approach of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) reflected in a CSR commitment charter. Faithful to our principles, this approach is intended to be simple, effective and human-driven. It involves all of our brands: WALOMO, Mustaghata, U-KNOW, Barents, Serial Worker, SportCom.

This commitment will be sealed through labeling with various organizations, including the ISO 26000 standard taught and certified by the Lucie label.

     1. Our responsibility

This approach is deeply rooted in our DNA: in 2006, WALOMO inaugurated TERREO, one of the first brands to market organic and fair trade cotton garments. Tthe endorsement of the best practices in areas such as HR, Customer Relationship management, marketing, Purchasing guidelines, is not only for us but intends on thriving among our partners, customers, and suppliers. Hence, our responsibility is to bring prosperous advertising garments & signage to industries across Europe. And our goal is to pursue continuous improvements to achieve a better way of doing business after all.

Our Ethics approach is based on 4 axes:

  • The respect of environment
  • Respect for our employees
  • Business ethics
  • Clear Purchasing Guidelines
  • It is necessarily preceded by a declaration of principles guaranteeing respect for fundamental rights. It takes the form of an Ethics Charter to be shared with all of our employees, customers and suppliers.


"It cannot all be based on the customer, it is up to manufacturers to change their production method in the long term in order to move towards economically viable manufacturing and yet resolutely united with societal and environmental issues."

Frédéric Wahnich

     2. Themes covered by our CSR policy

3. Stakeholders

At the heart of our commitments, the main stakeholders are...

The societal and environmental approach only makes sense when it engages the main stakeholders first and foremost. Insofar as they will be the main ones concerned, they are also responsible for the proper involvement of the 25 principles of action covering the 7 themes mentioned above. From responsible governance to local development, employees embark customers & suppliers in a virtuous process of continuous improvement. At WALOMO, management takes these issues very seriously and participates in think tanks and workshops to build a sustainable & inclusive CSR strategy.

Followed by essential partners...

WALOMO's proximity to these secondary players is key in the development of this strategy. From recycling waste to donating clothes for associations in need, WALOMO wants its entire network to benefit from its CSR policy. Among these actors, some are already working around a social and / or environmental approach and, in fact, become invaluable advice to further enhance a policy which is by nature, evolving.

Let's move forward together !

4. The product-related commitments

In the product approach, WALOMO has reviewed the entire course to cover all issues. From the quality audit of subcontractors, to the materials used, to the use of inks, to packaging, WALOMO wishes to gradually cover all the issues in line with its CSR strategy. A few concrete examples attest to the process:

  • Relocation of signage printing in France
  • Use of recycled cardboard for packaging

     5. Accompanying organizations

In order to give us the right directions, our duty is to be accompanied by the best players. Also, our partners, certfication offices have been selected to be the healthiest and most regulated approach possible. These partners want to be inclusive and will help WALOMO throughout the process, to obtain the labels useful for our activity and which register as long-term guides. Discover who they are, their roles and their influence on the territory and in the international.



Assessment of the Charter

Our commitment is part of a 3-year schedule from self-evaluation to labeling & actions carried out during and afterwards. The CSR journey seeks a better world for the company, its employees, but obviously its customers and suppliers. It only makes sense if all these stakeholders understand that they have a key role to play in changing the way we consume and interact and lay the foundations for a new way of living together. More local, more responsible, less carbon-intensive and yet focused on growth and social dialogue.