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Customizable Softshell jackets (from stock)

Walomo offers a large choice of Softshell jackets, from XS to 6XL in 6 different colors. You will find light models as well as thicker clothes for your outdoor operations.

What is a softshell?

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    Elegant softshell jacket

    Softshell parka with padding lining

    Softshell jacket unisex with removable hood hood...

    Hybrid softshell-down jacket
  • XENA

    Hybrid softshell-down jacket for woman

    Blouson softshell homme rpet
  • ALPI

    Softshell jacket 2 layers for men

    Softshell jacket for men

    Softshell jacket for women

    Morok / parka 3 in 1 with removable softshell

    Long waterproof jacket unisex

    Softshell jacket for men 3 layers

    Softshell jacket for women 3 layers

    Softshell jacket for men 3 in 1
  • KOBE

    Softshell jacket for men 3 layers

    Dynamic softshell light jacket
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Walomo offers a large choice of Softshell jackets, from XS to 6XL in 6 different colors. You will find light models as well as thicker clothes for your outdoor operations.

What is a softshell?

Softshell is a technique that involves laminating several layers of material together, each of which plays a water-repellent, breathable, insulating or waterproofing role. It combines the advantages of flexible clothing and breathable products while guaranteeing weather resistance. The jackets can then easily replace the second and third layers, previously used and allow you to go lighter.

A technical jacket

The softshell combines several technical properties:

  • Water repellent : 

So that softshells can withstand the bad weather, the fabric is not chosen at random. Indeed, the fibers must be tight between them. This is an element to take into account. Since, thereafter, the fabric will be treated to make it water repellent. By this treatment, water cannot infiltrate and slides on the garment. This technique is called DWR (Durable Water Repellent).

However, some so called 3-layer softshell jackets are resistant to the worst weather, thanks to their waterproof TPU membrane (see below). Like our VOLCANO or MONTERO models, which will be particularly suitable for artisans, building professionals or logistics. The last layer of softshells, therefore, has an important role in preventing heat loss and preventing external humidity from infiltrating.

  • Insulating :

Most softshell jackets also offer thermal and insulating insulation. Even during exercise. They often have a synthetic fiber lining, like micro-fleece. They will then play a role of thermal contribution, and make it possible not to let escape the air inside, which happens to be a very good insulator.

  • Breathable :

A Softshell jacket is by definition very breathable, it is one of its main qualities. The breathable part is generally the first layer of softshell, essential to keep you dry. It therefore protects you from the wind while ensuring good air circulation. It offers this feeling thanks to the flexibility and lightness of its fabric.

The water repellency and warmth provided by its fleece lining, combined with its breathability, therefore give it great versatility. It’s the perfect ally for outdoor activities.

  • Waterproof ?

The softshells are all water repellent but not all waterproof. Waterproofing is given by a TPU membrane which has hydrophobicity (WP) and air permeability or even breathability (BR) characteristics. These indices give the membrane's ability to resist water and evacuate air. As soon as a TPU membrane that validates that the softshell is a 3-layer, it is considered to be waterproof.

How to choose my softshell?

Softshell have, as we have seen many advantages, and even if most of them start from the same base, some differences should be noted. In order to best choose the one that suits you.

First, the thickness of the fabric varies by model. It is obvious that the thicker it is, the warmer it will keep you. If this is one of your expectations, we advise you to refer to the models: COLORADO and VERMONT or MONTERO which, in addition to their softshell, are padded inside with a very warm polyester fleece.

Some of our models are fitted with a hood to protect you from bad weather. This is the case for references: NISEKO and KYOTO or ALPI and VOLUTE.

Finally, when the weather is milder, you can refer to lighter and more flexible models. Easily foldable, and above all very comfortable, they will become like a second skin. The KOBE and NAGANO or BAXTER models are perfect examples. They are particularly suitable for people who practice outdoor activities, both for work and for leisure time.

How customize my softshell?

On a 2-layer softshell like ALPI or CLIFF, embroidery is the only possible marking technique.

On a 3-layer softshell, embroidery, screen printing and transfer are possible because there is no risk of the color rising due to the TPU membrane. That said, the more you climb in the range, the more the embroidery will have a better rendering.